Reflection of 2016 and the insight of 2017.

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2016’s end and 2017’s beginning 2016’s productivity. -2016 was the release of the One-EP-A-Month project’s remix compilation album, “Nostalgic Déjà Vu“.  –Tenebrism had its first live performance, which went amazingly well. -I was invited to join the band ,Withering Soul (I did join!) and had my first show with them. -I helped the band Insurgence Inc. finally release […]

Remix Album Released: “NOSTALGIC DÉJA VU”

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This album is the complete discography of the WilderFaloticoMusic “One-EP-A-Month-For-A-Year” experiment. Click the album cover below to A): Discover some new music, or B): Re-Experience your favorite EP by WFM in a new light. What are you waiting for?!

Review: Toontrack Progressive Foundry

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Initial Impression/thoughts: I bought The Progressive Foundry, an expansion for Toontracks’s “Superior Drummer 2.0” almost immediately as it was released. Boy, was it worth the money. 9 kick drums, 17 snares, 19 toms(rack/floor, assorted), 5 hi hat sets, 31 cymbals (crash/splash/trash/ride/china, assorted) for $175?!?! Not to mention 25 mic inputs for a huge range of mixing […]

Interview With Mondosatania

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The guys at Mondosatania took some time to pick my brain about metal. Check it out here!!!

Press: Weights & Worries of a Mind

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ProgMetalZone took some time to talk about my most recent EP, Weights & Worries of a Mind. Check it out here!!! ProgMetalZone Review: Weights & Worries of a Mind Wilder Falotico Releases “Weights & Worries of a Mind”

A Different August Riff Lesson

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